Women Vs Heart Disease

by | Mar 6, 2021

Heart Disease is still the number 1 killer in Women and, since March is the month to celebrate Women, I thought it’d be a good idea to remind you of the not-so-obvious signs and symptoms of Heart Attack in women. Factors like stress, high blood pressure, uncontrolled Diabetes, poor diet and sedentary lifestyle can all contribute to Heart Disease complications.

You may have heard the expression “feels like an elephant sitting on your chest”. Well, this can in fact be what it feels like but it’s not always this extreme or obvious, especially in women!

Very often it’s a feeling of tightness or constraint in the chest or lower chest that can be confused with the upper abdomen area. This can make it feel like it’s more indigestion, heartburn, nausea or even flu-like symptoms.

When coupled with one or more symptoms below, don’t just take an aspirin take action.

Let’s break up the other symptoms in sections. Pay attention to:

cartoon image of black women flexing bicep

Neck, back and (usually the lower left side of) your jaw.

Pain in chest can often manifest itself in these areas and feel more general, not a specific area or muscle that you can pinpoint. Oddly, the jaw pain is more specific to women. If the pain triggers and worsens while doing physical exercise, and subsides once your stop, you should see your doctor. Conversely, take note if it comes up suddenly while not exerting yourself or wakes you out of your sleep.


Like the elephant expression, we often hear about pain specific to the left arm but for women, the pain can be in either arm.

Unusual Fatigue, sweating or shortness of breathe

We’re all used to juggling a lot so feeling tired at the end of the day can be totally normal. Pay attention to new or unmerited fatigue after doing routine things like shopping or making the bed. If you regularly workout but start suddenly feeling extremely exhausted afterward couple with chest tightness, these are things you want to bring up to your doctor. Stress sweating or feeling cold and clammy for no real reason can also be related to a heart issue.

Many of these symptoms occurring on their own, occasionally, or with cause can be normal and nothing to worry about. If it’s new, if you start noticing several of these symptoms coming up together, pay attention to it. Women notoriously don’t prioritize themselves or act quickly on their own symptoms but these signs could be your heart asking for help so listen up!

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