Why everyone needs an AED Defibrillator

by | Jan 28, 2020

Cardiac Arrest is A Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. –
With Less Than a 10% Survival Rate.

Sudden cardiac arrest does not give warning symptoms like a traditional heart attack. The heart goes into an unstable rhythm called ventricular fibrillation and the heart stops beating effectively and the person becomes unconscious. Less than 30% of the time someone will do CPR on a victim, which does help buy time.

However, CPR alone cannot put the heart back in normal rhythm, only a defibrillator can. Since you lose 7-10% chance of surviving each minute you are in SCA, less than 10% survive. Only 8.3% survive neurologically intact because EMS simply cannot get to the victim and shock them in the four to six minutes before brain damage occurs. 

When bystanders provide CPR and use an AED before EMS arrives, 40% of the victims survive, which is much higher than the national average of a 10% survival rate.

American Airlines celebrated 76 people being saved in the first 10 years they first put AEDs on their airplanes, with an overall survival rate of 63%.
Chicago O’Hare has a survival rate of 64% when their AEDs have been used.
Some casinos report numbers as high as 70%.

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