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by | Sep 8, 2021

Beautiful smiles behind those masks!  The San Marcos Family Dental team nailed it on their CPR Certification!  Fearless leaders Dr. El-Maasri Reppas and Dr. Reppas have not only a competent team but a fun one too

We covered CPR, AED and Choking relief for Adult, Child and Infant.  A very timely class considering that Dr. El-Maasri is weeks away from baby #3!  Congratulations to you and congrats to your entire team for a great class!

Our classes also cover knowing when #RescueBreaths are needed instead of CPR, what to do in a #drowning situation, and what to do if you’re alone and choking.  Students tell us it’s the most effective CPR class they’ve ever taken.  We love to teach and we’re passionate about teaching people what to do in an emergency.  In fact, many of our first time students call us because they just witnessed an emergency and NOBODY knew what to do.  That’s their wake up call and we are so happy they called us!

dental employees doing cpr training

Here are a few stats for you: Roughly 80% of the time, if CPR is needed, it will be for someone you know and love.  Only about 20% of the population is trained in CPR.  Oftentimes, people who have had previous training are still hesitant because it’s been a while since their last class… they fear they’ll do it wrong so they don’t take action.  If it’s been a while since you’ve taken a class, take a good one and make sure the class has feedback mannequins to practice on. (Feedback mannequins –AHA recommended- ensure you are pressing deep enough in the chest cavity and at the right pace). Also, don’t shy away from participating in the practice exercises during your class so that you are comfortable with the mechanics.  The mechanics are easy but there are wrong ways to do them and we cover that.

The name of the game is to act fast and effectively. To do that you need to be confident in knowing what to do quickly and not second-guess yourself.  We always tell our students that, by quickly establishing a pulse and administering effective compressions, they are keeping the brain and other organs ALIVE until paramedics can get there.  If CPR is needed, it’s not likely that you will “resuscitate” the person and see them sit up, but TAKE HEART, you ARE keeping them alive!

Sign up for a class, if you’re a first timer or if it’s been a while, I guarantee you’ll feel empowered and much more prepared to take immediate action in an emergency.

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