Owning a Dog is Good for Your Heart!

by | Sep 26, 2019

Check out the attached video with interesting facts about dog ownership as it relates to cardiac health.

This topic is very dear to CPR Chicks and family. Deb and her husband, Tom have amazing and handsome “Buzz” in their life who is an Australian Shepard rescued as a pup. A very young 11 years old, Buzz LOVES his regular walks and ball retrieving at “Fiesta Island” in San Diego and he’s an expert on the SUP with his mom.

Sandy is blessed with 2 rescues and a foster. “Suki”, an “LabraDesian” (made that up), 6 years old and 80lbs of pure love. Her previous owner had to go into a nursing home and Sandy adopted her from an agency located in LA. “Honey Bear” is a full blooded Old English Bulldog who came from a horrific breeder. She was dumped at an Los Angeles Shelter after spending her life as a breeding machine living in an isolated crate. Because of her living conditions, her leg muscles are atrophied and she has serious mobility challenges. “Honey Bear” is pretty much blind, but can see shapes, had to have 9 teeth pulled and is fighting an ongoing battle with a severe ear infection. All due to neglect from her previous owner, a Bull Dog breeder who made thousands of dollars from her and didn’t bother to spend money on her care.

Sandy also has an uber sweet foster Bull Dog, “Uncle Wally” who is 6 years old and a stud for another greedy breeder who took him to the vet 3 weeks ago to euthanize him just because he had diarrhea and blood in his urine. The breeder did not want to spend the money for testing and medications so he opted to put him down. The vet wouldn’t have it and called for help from the “Southern California Bulldog Association” who offered there assistance. Which is where Sandy comes in as she offered to foster this sweet boy who has so much love left to share.

And…if you’re thinking of purchasing a puppy via a breeder…check them (the breeder) out thoroughly prior. Don’t just look at their website or purchase from craigslist. Physically go to their facilities and ask for references from people who have previously bought a puppy from them. Ask these references about any health or behavioral issues of their dog. Careless breeding must be stopped and culprits penalized.

Stay tuned for future pictures of our babies and thanks for tuning in.

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