Child Choking Relief to avoid Tragedy

by | Oct 29, 2019

Country Singer Ned LeDoux’s 2 year old daughter passed away on October 20, 2019 due to a “choking accident.” While specific details of this tragedy are still unknown, most choking incidences can be addressed and relieved if people know the proper techniques and rescue procedures involved.

CPR Chicks include “Choking Relief” education with our CPR and AED certification classes. We conduct these classes in private homes to classrooms of any size.

We pride ourselves in conducting classes that will empower you to handle emergency situations that may occur involving life saving skills.

Learn it before you need it!

Any death is horrible. But a death that could have been prevented is even more horrific.

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Empower yourself! Learn CPR…there’s an 88% chance the life you save is someone you know and love. We provide CPR classes in San Diego for working professional as well as family and friends.

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