A Bump In Heart Attack Incidence over the Holidays

by | Dec 17, 2021


Have you ever heard that there’s a higher rate of heart attacks over the holidays? There’s plenty of research backing this up but I always wondered, why? Well, it can be a variety of things ranging from colder weather constricting blood vessels to eating richer foods and drinking more alcohol. But there’s one very easily overlooked reason why more people have heart attacks over the holidays…. We don’t want to make a fuss about symptoms in the middle of the all the festivities!

We’re spending lots of time with family and friends celebrating and feasting together! We don’t wanna be a downer even if we’re not feeling well! People may be experiencing symptoms of a heart attack but downplay it
and postpone any medical visit until after the holidays.

people doing toast with wine

Heart Attack symptoms can be subtle. You may be feeling symptoms out of the norm but just attribute it to heartburn, nausea or just too much to eat or drink Heart attack symptoms can come and go but it will catch up with you. If you keep ignoring it, it may be too late.

So we thought this was a good time to remind you of the symptoms and signs of a heart attack so that you don’t wait but take action whether it’s for you or your loved one.
#HeartAttackSymptoms are not always what you’d think and can vary greatly.

Although the classic description “it felt like an elephant sitting on my chest” can be a strong indicator of a heart attack, it’s often related to symptoms in men and not women. Women may feel tightness below the chest as low as the abdominal area.

People with normal cholesterol, blood pressure and pulse rate can still experience a heart attack! Below are some things to keep in mind and if you’re experiencing several of these things, do not hesitate to call 911,even if it’s around the holidays or a special celebration!

• Any pain anywhere above the chest area. This means throat, esophagus, jaw, and upper back area. Many victims who lived to tell about it describe an unusual feeling of heartburn… that comes and goes. It can happen on and off for a week or more before an actual heart attack.

• “Contraction”-like feeling between the shoulders, front or in back (shoulder blades) that may come in waves and then stop again.
• Upper back pain
• Pain in the jaw, like a #TMJ feeling
• Dizzy spells, standing or sitting
• Pain up and down the left arm, may travel to the right arm as well
• Cold sweats
• Feeling of indigestion or nausea
• Early menopause is a risk factor for women

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