Cardiac Arrest can Happen for All Kinds of Reasons

Jan 5, 2023

Damar Hamlin, our thoughts and prayers are with you. Medical Professionals say that Hamlin, Safety for the Buffalo Bills, encountered a hit at just the wrong split second to cause a Cardiac Arrest in last night’s NFL Football game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Cardiac Arrest (not to be confused with Heart Attack) can happen for all kinds of reasons with NO ADVANCED WARNING (unlike Heart Attack). That’s because it’s an electrical rhythm issue not a heart muscle issue. In the case of it occurring while playing sports, Medical professionals say that, although rare, this is more likely to happen in adolescent sports than in adult sports. Reasonbeing because adults have a fully developed rib cage that can better protect the heart from blunt force.

man grabbing chest

Seconds matter when a sudden cardiac arrest occurs. For every minute a person is not given CPR their survival rate decreases by 10%. A full Medical Staff will likely not be on hand in an emergency so #Bystander CPR makes a difference! If the last time you took CPR was in junior high or high school, or if it was 2 years ago, it’s time to refresh your knowledge and skills! #Cprchicks inperson classes are totally empowering because you get to practice with our feedback dummies to simulate the closest thing to real life. You’ll learn how to know when CPR is needed, how deep you need to compress, how to effectively give breaths and how to confidently act fast. You’ll also learn what the difference is between a sudden cardiac arrest and a heart attack, and symptoms to look for before a heart attack happens.

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Professional CPR Certification San Diego

Empower yourself! Learn CPR…there’s an 88% chance the life you save is someone you know and love. We provide CPR classes in San Diego for working professional as well as family and friends.

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