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CPR Parties

Host your own CPR party with any theme of your choice and include CPR training. Every guest will learn CPR and other skills that could save a life! As a bonus, the host receives the training free of charge for groups 6 or more people.

Invite your friends or family to your home or desired location and we will arrive with all the equipment, knowledge and other materials needed to give the entire group the knowledge they will need to save lives in the event of an emergency.

CPR Party takes only 3 easy steps:
1. Pick a CPR class that best fits your needs (Family and Friends, Heartsaver or BLS).
2. Pick a day and time for the class at a location of your choice.
3. With groups of 6 or more people, the host will receive the traing free of charge.

CPR Party Pricing
($65 per person)
5+ person group required

Book Your CPR Class

Call or email us to schedule your group CPR class.

Customer Reviews

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Business Hours

We come to your location:
Monday - Sunday
(9am - 5pm)
Most classes are held in the evenings and weekends.


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